Friday, May 29, 2009

May 29 Friday

Today was the last day of school, YEAH!! But must be carefull cause of H1N1 outbreak. Sianz!! Why must pigs harm us? Haiz, today at school we also had the meet the parents session which was quite ok I guess. Mrs Iszal said that I need to concentrate more in my studies and it will help me improve in my subjects. After meet the parents session, went to Sakae Sushi in Hougang point with my sis and mum. I stuffed myself with different types of sushi, which were all so delicious! i don't think I can eat dinner tonight cause I am still full from all that sushi. Well that was mostly what happened today. Did'nt post for the past week cause I am very busy.
Like always I am still waiting for WWE to air on tv tonight. Tomorrow got Boys Brigade parade so need go school. I wonder who the new csm is... Well I will find out tomorrow I guess.


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