Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 9 Tuesday

Today, we had a class gathering at Vivo city. Met up with my friends outside hougang mall and took MRT to Vivo. After lunch at Burger King, me Sandric,Jin Yao, Wei Ren and Josiah walked around in Vivo. Damn sian de sia. Nothing to do. Then Ryan and Jie Long came. Then asked Ryan for info on Pokemon. He asked me to wait and wait until we reached Burger King again where we bought some drinks. After that, met up with Jolene, Esther, Godwin they all and we decided to plae hide and seek. I cant believe it sia. Vivo so big they still wan play? But it was quite fun though. I was one of the catchers along with Godwin, Esther, Sandric and Ryan. In the end, after rounds and rounds in Vivo, we only managed to find Jie Long, Jin Yao and Wei Ren. Others all hide in difficult places to find. Today I dun know why I damn thirsty sia, drank 2 Ice Milos and Lattes. After the game of hide and seek, I was already so damn tired liao.Sandric left first cause he need to go home. Then we decided to go back to hougang mall. After reaching hougang mall, I bought another Latte and not long after that we dispersed. Godwin left with his friend and soon after that Kenn Hong, Jolene, Jin Yao and Wei Ren left. Left me Josiah, Yvonne and Esther. After some walking, I decided to go and have dinner in the Kopitiam and then go home. Josiah they all went to the arcade. Took 101 home. Still very tired. Goodnights~


Friday, June 5, 2009

June 5 Friday

Today was a really unlucky day for me.. Today was supposed to be my primary school gathering, but when i reached hougang mall, my handphone rang. It was 1 of my friends who held the gathering. He told me that the gathering was postponed to monday. Zzz. What a waste of time sia.Still need pay money to get back home. Haiz, and on may way home, i lost my 5 dollar note. Sianz! Haiz, but still , i can't change what already had happened. I also happend to meet Davin and his mum at the bubbletea shop. Hahas


Thursday, June 4, 2009

June 4 Thursday

Today, my CCA had to attend a prevent drug abuse course at the SANA which is located near compass point. Had to wake up at 6.15 to prepare my uniform and went to compass point at 7. Had breakfast at McDonalds with my friends and then headed to the SANA at 8.15. The whole course lasted for 7h 30 min sia. But it was worth it cause I will get i new badge if i pass all the tests. Actually today got Japanese class de but i cancelled it cause i too tired liao. Need rest rest.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 3 Wednesday

Yesterday did'nt post cause I have no time to use the computer. My sister got sick yesterday and had to rest at home. I mostly just played my Ds and PSP yesterday. I also had taekuando practice. Did'nt spar with anyone though, sianz. So bored at home.. My primary school gathering this friday. I am so looking forward to it. Going to continue surfing the net now. Haiz. Boring..


Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1st Monday

Today... Nothing happened really,woke up , played computer, did revision and homework. It is really boring staying at home all day. Nothing to do de lehs. Sianz... Primary school gathering this friday. Looking forward to it. I finally can meet up with my good friends. Yays~


Friday, May 29, 2009

May 30 Saturday

Today at the Boys Brigade parade, I finally found out who our new csm is. It is my old squad leader Xavier. Yays, I so happy for him hahas. The parade today was a very fun one. We actually had to take off our tops and blindfold ourselves and form the shape of some shape. Hahas it was really fun but also embaressing cause there are alot of passer-bys looking at us. Sandric did'nt turn up today cause he went overseas, and guess where he went? Melecca! Which was infected with H1N1. He told me that he bought the tickets before the H1N1 outbreak. Hope he enjoys himself though.


Btw can someone teach me how to change blogskins?

May 29 Friday

Today was the last day of school, YEAH!! But must be carefull cause of H1N1 outbreak. Sianz!! Why must pigs harm us? Haiz, today at school we also had the meet the parents session which was quite ok I guess. Mrs Iszal said that I need to concentrate more in my studies and it will help me improve in my subjects. After meet the parents session, went to Sakae Sushi in Hougang point with my sis and mum. I stuffed myself with different types of sushi, which were all so delicious! i don't think I can eat dinner tonight cause I am still full from all that sushi. Well that was mostly what happened today. Did'nt post for the past week cause I am very busy.
Like always I am still waiting for WWE to air on tv tonight. Tomorrow got Boys Brigade parade so need go school. I wonder who the new csm is... Well I will find out tomorrow I guess.